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Windows 10 at least got that right. Doing a search on any program normally will list the uninstall file.

The PDFX App is not on the App lists searchable in Windows 10 (that I could find). Using "Type here to search" and asking for "PDFX uninstall" didn't help either.

But asking just "PDFX" leads to a pull-down list that includes "Uninstall PDFX".  Worked for me.

Computer Help Desk / Re: Firefox and You tube
« Last post by scuzzy on Mar 24, 2020, 02:09 PM »
I'm glad you got it solved. I'm still in the habit of rebooting a minimum of once a week.
Computer Help Desk / Re: Firefox and You tube
« Last post by Bill on Mar 24, 2020, 12:55 PM »
I have continued to have significant errors with You Tude over the last week.  This morning I shutdown and rebooted and the problem seems to have corrected itself.
I think using anything from Microsoft leads to trouble.  If I could find a reasonable alternative I'd dump Win 7.
For the record, I'm using Windows 10

While using Edge I got into sign-in issues as well
I should have asked what browser you were using. I don't use Edge for any reason. Regardless, I'm happy you got it resolved.
Aha !!  Apparently  Microsoft Edge high jacked my computer and led to the problem I had.  I realized some other things looked different, but I just assumed that was a result of the usual periodic (some times unwanted) updating

I made Google Chrome my default browser and problem is solved
I just tried scuzzi's suggestion, F6 to highlight, Right click and drag it to a blank spot on the desktop worker for me using W7.
I get the highlighting, but when I try to drag the address the highlighting disappears and I can't move the address anywhere.  Is a puzzle no ?
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