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bizarre game!
« on: Dec 01, 2013, 12:11 PM »
Did anyone watch the Alabama Auburn game  yesterday? Never seen an ending like that! It was tied with Al trying to get in field goal range. What was supposed to be the last play, then overtime, runner went down the sideline & was pushed out of bounds around the 40. It appeared time expired. Review showed 1 sec left. So they sent in their freshman kicker to try a 52 yard field goal because their regular kicker had missed 3 filed goals earlier! The attempt fell short, Auburn guy caught it and ran it all the way back because Al had all big fat slow guys in to protect the kicker. So Alabama falls from first place and will go to some ding dong bowl instead of playing for the national champs. All because that 1 second was put back on the clock!

Not to say they would necessarily have won in overtime but Al was stopping them cold and the offense was moving pretty good at the end of the game.