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Ultimate Ears Mini Boom Wireless Speaker
« on: Jan 03, 2015, 02:25 PM »
I went to Best Buy yesterday to spend my $30 gift card, and I came across the Ultimate Ears Mini Boom wireless speaker. The regular price was $100, and Best Buy had it on sale for $70. After reading a few reviews and listening to the in-store display (which wasn't that great), I decided to take a chance. With taxes included, I paid $45 in cash after using my gift certificate.

I like that the Mini Boom is compact and feels durable, which is ideal for my needs. It's also chargeable with a standard Android smartphone charger, so that was a big plus. The Mini Boom will also double as a speakerphone for taking phone calls, so I'll take that as a bonus.

As soon as I got to my car, I popped open the package and connected it via Bluetooth to my smartphone. I had no difficulties and the unit quickly established a connection. I really was not expecting fantastic sound from such a tiny unit, but I was still hoping for some decent quality to justify the cost.

I tuned in to my favorite German station, Antenne Bayern, and I piped the sound to the Mini Boom. To be fair it sounded as if the sound was coming from a small unit, but not in a bad way. For the size of the unit it still sounded very good. Much better than anything else its size, with the exception of the Jawbone Mini Jambox (The Mini Jambox cranks out incredible sound, but it costs MUCH more).

I listened to the Mini Boom the rest of the way home, and I am not disappointed with my purchase. I like that the sound is clear and crisp, although it is lacking just a bit in the bass department. But I would much rather have a soft bass, compared to something artificial and exaggerated. I think it will work out great in my patrol, especially with its manageable size compared to the TDK A33.

BTW: The Mini Boom can be paired with another Mini Boom (for stereo) by using a downloadable app. I don't know that I'll ever take it that far, unless I come across a great deal on a second unit. Maybe next Christmas. :)