Date: 28 September 20, 04:13 AM
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 Windows 10 Update on Old Computer


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I had a bit of spare time today, so I decided to take one of my old builds (running Windows 7) and update it to Windows 10. I did the update in between other chores, but it was pretty much uneventful. Once the update was in place I ensured Windows 10 was activated, and then did a clean installation from a USB flash drive.

The computer I updated is the one I was using for my personal use before building the two new systems. It now has an updated, clean installation of Windows 10 64-bit along with my favorite programs, and it's running smoother than it ever has in its life. It is not quite as snappy as the new systems, but it is surprisingly fast considering that the AMD hardware is about 7 years old. Windows boots quickly, and the programs are more responsive than they ever were in Windows 7.

If I had done a clean installation of Windows 10 on this build first, it's possible I would not have built a new system to replace it. It's really that good. I almost hate to admit it, but Windows 10 has been very successful for me.

Scuzzy; yes, I confirmed that I installed the 64-bit version.  ;)