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I think it's time for a clean re-install


Hey guys,

I have a computer with the following specs:
AMD FX (tm)-4300 Quad-Core 3.80 GHz
8.00 GB Ram
64bit OS Win 10 home edition, automatically updated from win 7 by Microsoft

Lately, it takes over 10 minutes to fully boot, this is not an exaggeration, I actually start it and go away and come back later.

I wanted to do a clean install, but I do not have a Win 10 CD because the OS was updated by Microsoft without permission over night.

Honestly I prefer Windows 7 for which I have an original installation CD and I do not want to buy a new license for Win10
What should I do? If I re-install win7 how can I prevent Microsoft from bugging me to upgrade?


PS: I did already go trough all the cleaning procedure for malware etc.

You have two choices, both free of charge.

1. Go back to Windows 7
2. Download MS Windows 10 directly from Microsoft and reinstall it

If you choose to stay with Win 10, it will automatically recognize your hardware and reactivate the license. You'll also have the option of how to reinstall it (CD vs USB).

I'm am not entirely sure, but your Windows 7 license may have been converted to Windows 10. So I'm not entirely sure if you can reactivate Windows 7 with your old license.


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