Date: 13 August 20, 15:18 PM
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 Poasters Favicon


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I created and installed a new favicon (pronounced "fave-icon") for this site. Depending on your browser, you should see the new icon in your browser's tab, as well as in bookmarks. You may need to hit refresh, or give it a day or two if that doesn't work.

The original Poasters favicon was created by Pat many years ago, but it fell behind the times. Since I did not have the original artwork, I started over and created my own. The new favicon will be supported by Apple, Android, and Windows. The new favicon files are installed to the website, but may require a couple days to fully propagate the web. As I write this, my Android phone has yet to see it.

The full size image is below at 512x512 pixels. The old favicon was merely 16x16 px.