Date: 13 August 20, 14:15 PM
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 Firefox Default Zoom


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Apparently Firefox now has a default zoom feature built in, which Chrome has had for years. I checked a few months ago and it still wasn't an option, but it is definitely available with the latest build.

Click on the FF hamburger menu at the top/right, and select Options. Scroll down to Zoom, and select your preferred default zoom level. While you are there, check or uncheck the "Zoom text only" option according to your liking. Now each time you visit a site, the new default zoom level you chose will be automatically applied. This will also be your new default zoom when you use "Ctrl plus 0" (as in zero). You will keep the ability to change zoom levels if you want.

I manually changed my available zoom levels in FF from 30% to 300%, mostly in 5% increments. It allows me to finely tune the zoom level to my liking. If you are interested, see the instructions I poasted on this forum's Tutorial and Reference board.