Date: 13 August 20, 14:41 PM
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 Windows 10 - Version 2004


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I had Windows 10 Update to Version 2004 ready to be downloaded and installed for some time and finally decided to get it over with. I imaged my system twice just in case, and then followed through with the update. Since it's a major update, I was certain it was going to be the usual hijacking of my system and was prepared for the worst.

The update took over an hour to download and install. While downloading it at times choked my internet connection, which was not a surprise. After the installation it went through the usual restart and "Windows Updating" screen, which took all of about 10 minutes. When I got back to the login screen, it was another 5 minutes before I could do anything. I typed in my credentials and then braced for the worst as my home screen opened up.

To make a long story short, nothing bad happened other than my background colors were changed from dark to light. I have no clue what that was about, but it was a super easy fix to put it back like I had it. It is no exaggeration that it was a 10-second fix. Everything else (as best I can tell) was as I left it. Not a single one of my app preferences was changed, which was a first.

The bottom line is that this was the most uneventful major Windows update ever.

Scuzzy; befuddled.