Date: 05 December 20, 16:24 PM
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 Dire Straits


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If you were Straits fan you will recognize Mark Knopfler. He was a completely unknown artist to me except for the "Sultans of Swing" and then I didn't know any of the musicians.  I recently watched a Clapton concert in which was the 2nd Lead guitar.  I have since found lots of Knopfler and his band doing gigs all over the world.  He has a very broad and unusual mix of music, including some from his native Scotland (with a bag pipe player in the band).
There are many but here is UK in 2015:
Maybe not the best but it will get you started.
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Thanks for the link... it's playing in the background now.

I know of Mark Knopfler quite well, and he remains among my favorites. I missed the opportunity to see him at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado about 4 years ago, and have kicked myself a thousand times since.