Date: 05 December 20, 15:39 PM
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 Google Account & Devices


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This is important, yet not well known by many Google users.

Google has two different places to manage devices, and although it's simple it can be confusing. It's important to know that they are NOT the same (despite the confusing name titles). One is to manage the device name and their visibility, but you cannot remove any device from that list... ever. The other is to manage devices that are logged into your Google account, which includes iPhones and desktop computers. The second is the most important, as here you can sign out any device that you no longer have.

To see devices and to edit their names and visibility: Google Play: My Devices

To see and manage all devices that are currently logged in to your account: Google Account: Your Devices

If you no longer have possession of any device that was at one point logged into your Google account, then go to that second link and remove the device from your account.


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Thanks, I just deleted the T6 and 4a, both of which were still listed as active.

I did notice however that the information is not 100% correct.  My SONY Bravia is listed as a 4K unit but it is not. Doesn't really matter as long as it continues work.
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