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speed Fan 4.4
« on: Oct 14, 2011, 08:38 hrs »
Based on yesterday's Windows Secrets, I installed Speed Fan 4.4 and a first pass with the diagnostic reported the graphics card and both cores of the cpu were running hot, and case fan 3 had zero rpms.
So I disconnected all the dang cables, dragged the box out from under the desk and opened the case. Inside was clean so I plugged in and booted.  Much to my surprise, the fans on the PS, cpu, intake and exhaust were all running.  I re-counted and lo and behold, there is no #3 case fan.  So I cleaned the intake dust filter and reassembled all the dang cables.

Another pass with Speed Fan showed the video card and core 1 still hot.  This morning after being on but idle for 12 hours, Speed Fan shows both cores, 0 and 1, and the video card hot.  One of the features (?) of Speed Fan charts the temps compared to the numerical listings.  The chart for the video card shows the video card running in the proper temp. range and a significant difference in temps between the 2 cpu cores.

When I first put this system together Everst Home reported exceedingly low temps - I don't know what happened to my install of Everst - and nothing has changed with the hardware but Speed Fan is widely divergent from what I expected. 

EDIT: I went back to the old Forum to see what the Everst Temps. really were and I discovered that my memory was wrong.  The Everst tests were done on the original build (XP) before the SSD and win 7 upgrade.  However with the exception of those 2 changes, the system configuration is the same.  Somehow that doesn't seem to account for the inconsistencies of Speed Fan.

Bottom line is stll Speed Fan is gone....

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Re: speed Fan 4.4
« Reply #1 on: Oct 14, 2011, 11:32 hrs »
I took SpeedFan 4.4 for a spin on my main computer. It reported the values to what seemed to be within normal range, however it didn't do much else that I could tell. I could not readjust any of the fan speeds, and it would not report my GPU fan.

I rebooted the system, but there was no change. I finally uninstalled it and went on about my business.

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