Date: 07 June 23, 07:15 AM
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 Intel 13th Gen DDR5 ATX Build


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I have built several rigs since the year 2000, and this is easily the best mid-ATX case I've used. While it's not perfect, I have few complaints. I absolutely love the compact size, while easily holding an ATX motherboard and related components. Despite the smaller compartment, I had no space-related problems getting everything in place and neatly connecting wiring. The overall build quality of the case is very good, especially at this price point.

I had a minor issue with mounting the EVGA SuperNOVA P6 power supply, which has a small "ECO" rocker switch, in addition to the power switch. If you look closely at the photo with the area circled in red (2nd to last photo), you'll see that the fitment is a bit tight for this PSU. The frame bent up a little where it catches above the edge of the rocker switch, but it's holding the PSU just fine. I would have trimmed it with my Dremel, but I did not want to risk voiding the case's warranty in case I had to send it back. It's a minor quibble, and most PSUs don't have that rocker switch anyway.

My only other quibble with the case is the power button, and it's minor as well. The button has very little travel, and requires a somewhat firm push. At one point I had to reset the computer, and holding down the button to restart the computer took a couple of efforts. A little more travel, with a softer actuation point would be helpful. On the positive side, you're less likely to accidentally trip the switch.

The single rear-mounted 120mm RGB exhaust fan was okay, but I'm not into RGB. I replaced it with 120mm non-RGB 3-pin Antec case fans that I found on sale on Amazon ($20-ish for a 5-pack), and I added two more fans as intake at the bottom. I'm sorry that I didn't include a photo of the new fan array, but there was plenty of room for all of them.

I did not bother with adding two more fans at the top, but it would have been easy enough had I chosen to do so. All fans are controlled by the motherboard, and so far it's been exceptionally quiet, even with the 120mm Noctua CPU cooler, as well as the 2 GPU fans. I'll hear the fans slightly ramp up on occasion, but it's never been excessive or attention getting.

The dark tinted tempered glass panel is nice, but I would have been just as happy if it was a solid metal panel. It will easily change out with the backside metal panel, if you prefer. Both panels are very easy to remove and reinstall, and they firmly hold in place.

Click the images for the full size photo: