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new video card?

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Yes there is one already but it's an old thread.
This GTX 950 requires no extra power cables, a restraint the last time I thought about this.
When you have time, please take a look.....

Amazon $139 +/-


The GTX950 may not burn down the barn, but it certainly has an excellent price/performance ratio. It falls just a tad shy of my $299 GTX960, which I have been very pleased with. As best I can tell, the card looks like a winner.

PassMark: GeForce GTX950

Thanks , I value your opinion.  Certainly falls above my 550 Ti.  I think this will be a worthwhile investment.

Well  I couldn't find one of the GTX 950, but I did find an ASUS GTX 1060-3G for $249.00 on sale with a $30 rebate.  I think this is way more than I really need but.......
This card needs a 6 pin power connector rather than an 8 pin that some lesser cards required. Part of the reason I chose it, and it was on sale.
Also support up to 4 monitors, just in case.

Looks like a great card, and very high on the value score as well. Besides, upgrades are fun. I'm looking forward to your report.

Scuzzy; there are times I wish I had 4 monitors, but I'd happily settle for 3. Next time. Lol


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