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PC audio quality?

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I have done all the little tweaks and adjustments available in win 7, and the best I can say is I have more volume available.
Any suggestions for actually the quality of the sound. Am I limited to just buying better speakers, maybe a small sub?

Windows does not have any options for adjusting the sound quality. 3rd party software that sometimes comes with the sound drivers might help, but normally your best option is quality powered speakers.

That or a full blown 5.1 sound card. Sound cards aren't very expensive but the speaker system could be.  I'm going to explore the speaker route first. Thanks.

A couple of thoughts:

Software EQ is the cheapest/easiest solution. Download the driver directly from your sound chipset manufacturer if it's available, ie Realtek has full equalization built in. Otherwise, software EQ will work.

Upgrading your sound card is another option, as you stated. My wife and I each use Sound Blaster Z cards, which we got refurbished on ebay for about $60 each. Great cards, been using them for a few years now. Even has a very powerful headphone amp built in with a dedicated output.

Last is better speakers. Of course, equalization is good regardless of speakers, but equalizing bad speakers is like polishing a turd. ;)
I've had my Klipsch Promedia 2.1s for over 10 years, but I've had to replace the Control Pod, Amp, and Sub speaker in that timeframe. Completely worth it, as they sound quite good for what they are. There are other good computer speakers out there, or you can buy an amp and power any speakers you want with them.

Tons of options!

Welcome back, nice to hear from you again. You're suggesting a sound card first and then a speaker upgrade?


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