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Weibang Walk-Behind Mowers


I've been at my semi-desert home for 16+ years, and I've gone through a number of lawnmowers since. My current mower is a 3-to-4-year-old Toro, which I've repaired multiple times. I even replaced the engine last year with a Harbor Freight 173cc Predator, which is far superior to the Briggs & Stratton it replaced. The engine is still running strong, but the rest of the mower is falling apart.

I searched the universe (at least locally) for a mower that will hopefully last more than a couple years. I went to a local box store to purchase a Husqvarna that was on sale, but the butthead that tailgated me and then ran into the store ahead of me bought the last one. I left feeling sorry for myself and somewhat frustrated at the difficulty of finding a decent mower. Even high-end mowers left much to be desired, as the automatic assumption for manufacturers is that everyone has a small, level and perfectly manicured lawn.

I did a little more research and learned about Weibang mowers, which apparently has a loyal following in Europe. They have 3 available models that can only be ordered through Home Depot. The 2 upper models (SD & SD Pro) are designed for professional use, while the cheaper RZ model (if $519 is cheap) is a "pro" model designed for home owners. The engines are large and well rated, and the mowers are built like tanks.

Some of things that got my attention are:

* Heavy duty steel deck
* 196cc engine (most mowers are in the 160cc range)
* Self-propelled (RZ is belt drive, SD & SD Pro are shaft)
* Heavy duty gear box
* Double ball bearing wheels
* Single-lever deck height adjustment
I took the plunge and ordered an RZ model, which came out to $558 with tax. It's pricey, but will be well worth it if the mower can last 5 or more years. I placed the order 10 days ago and I expect to pick it up at my local Home Depot this week.

Weibang site: Weibang Walk-Behind Mowers
Home Depot: Weibang... Residential Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower

Looks like a great machine. I looked at their website and couldn't determine if this domestic production, but with a name like Weibang, I'd guess not.  Good luck!

I know they are not domestic. Most likely Chinese, I suppose. Maybe Taiwan?

I went straight to, and the contact info shows Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China. I really would prefer American made, but good luck finding anything decent.

Thanks for the good wishes. I hope it pays off.

I picked up my new mower from Home Depot yesterday. Sort of, as it's actually way too heavy for me to pick up at over 110 lbs. This thing is built like a tank. I spent about 30 minutes learning how it works and setting it up, and then ran it for a little while. Starting the engine was easy on the first pull. Everything seems to be quite in order, and the engine purrs nicely.

My initial impressions are WOW. It is built solidly, and the the double ball bearing wheels make pushing it around nice and easy. There are 7 self-propelled speeds to select from, and the engine speed is adjustable as well. From my days as a teen, I've never seen a better built mower. I hope to give it a whirl later today as long as the weather holds up.

I am glad you're happy with it.


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