Date: 04 March 24, 17:37 PM
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 Thoughts on Mobile 5G


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I have considered that 5G is still new and that there is lots of marketing behind it. There's been a really big push for 5G from carriers and how fantastic it is, as I'm sure you've noticed, but in reality we likely don't need to have it right this moment. This is why I've considered that if the SE 2020 is good enough for my needs, maybe (and just maybe) I can skip the iPhone 12 altogether. I may get an iPhone 12 regardless, but if I do it will be primarily for a larger screen in a smaller package.

Regarding all that, here's an interesting perspective.

YouTube: iPhone 12 will have 5G and it Doesn't Matter


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That was a very interesting bit of news.  And he was convincing enough to have me wondering about an i12.  So far I'm pleased with my SE, way more than the 6T.  And I don't ever see going back to Android.
Thanks for that....
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