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Do you remember the dinner scene from 5 easy pieces?  (

We have a little restaurant in town that has lots of specials in addition to a decent menu. Food and service are not world class but decent. Owned and run by down home folks.  I went for a late lunch and a Chicken Salad Sandwich is on the blackboard.  So the waitress greets me in half English and half Russian maybe.
I tell her I want Chicken Salad, but not on Texas Toast.  I'd like to have the chicken salad on a bed of lettuce and tomato with a single slice of rye toast.  The Russian says "you can have it any way you want," (as long as it's on Texas Toast with lettuce, tomato and mayo.)  Two visits from the waitress and her supervisor and 45 minutes later,  my chicken salad arrives, no rye toast, no pickles, and no fries which normally come with all their sandwiches and on a plate that is way too small. I almost laughed out loud.

I have not seen Five Easy Pieces, but now I HAVE to see it. Lol


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