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Hey! Look at what I found:

Why do we spell Poasters with an "a"?

When the founding members of this group first met in the official Quantex Chat in 1998, Ace the "forum jester" discovered a Quantexian had misspelled the word "post" to "poast". The error seemed to take on a life of its own, and after a couple years we adopted the misspelling to identify us. We asked Ace to summarize the "historic" event, and he replied thusly:

  I shall quote from the prophet Notredamus:

In the early times
when the Kingdom of Q
reigned magnificently amidst great personal
computing turmoil and parallel was sought
with the grand Domain of Dell
lo; a chat room for Quantexians was born
and both the faithful and innocent bystanders
joined the dialogue
Overseen by the Mystic Eric
and advised by Qtech Don
a free for all
free speaking
free thinking
pretty much free, any way you cut it
place for sharing, joking and outtakes
regarding duct taping your batteries and BVD-DVD
puns were the rage
and users offered their experiences
and speculators offered their Qs on Qs
and bricks were laid and stories told
and posts were, yea, normally spelled.
In short, the Fountain over ran its
shores and swamped the Land of Quantex
sending the owners scurrying for both advice and
in pursuit of the camaraderie that ensued in the open forum
even after they tried to close it to non-believers
and a rift occurred
and doors were shut
and locked
and the pilgrims set forth to a new incarnation
still tacitly stating Q-relevance
and Dellinian reverence
but the bricks were laid
and a cheerleader sprang forth
from the head of the brain trust
and her legend was born as her left leg was found to kick
but not the other one
and this new land prospered
but then
rifts ensued. Flames rose. Bricks came a tumbling down.
St. David of Louis (or something like that)
declared the last one to turn out the lights
and the land went dark.

a Jester appeared from the gloom, and
send in the clowns
and, yep, they appeared.
Scuzzy, named after his cat
Ace; named after something
nobody ever gets right after trying "Buddy", after his
deceased parakeet.
Joanie, Queen of the Poasters

other assorted jokers and circus bears and stuff
and further permutations of the Chat Room were seen
I especially liked the one with the black backdrop and neon colors
but still rifts continued as the originators fought and clawed and flamed
and went waaay too political in their attacks
spurred by an attack on mothers marching
and other rooms were seen
and the spirit lived on
until, today. We are here.
Joined under one banner, and cheerleader.
a forum dedicated to computer savvy advice
blond jokes, and monkeys.
Pledging death to pandas, regardless how much Scuzzy likes the dang
antivirus product
What was the question...?

Oh yeah. The "Poast" thing.
That came up way back, when it was offered as a typo but also clever
inclusion, relating to "toast" and similar usage.
Puns being the lowest form of humour
and typos being all the rage here, historically. Hysterically.
It's seen as a sign, a password
a Bond as it were
to identify the true believers and participants
in this room of rooms, this house
of cards. One Ace, yet many joined
poast to poast, a chain going back to that pained birth in
'97 or so.
Be glad you are part. Be warmed by our friendship, and soft digs.
Be glad you have those huge stars shining above, and with, you.
It has become the
Room That Would Not Die
even after the nonbelievers departed for the land of the dead.
still, we poast, and live.
For Eternity.
Well, at least while the bills are paid and the server's up.
Scuzzy, really, the check's in the mail.  Honest.  Soon as I get stamps...

~ Ace; I've got these dang dinky stars, dangit. XTreme poaster; indeed.

I'd forgotten how funny that is, or was.


I found it using the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and entering I'd completely forgotten about that marvelous tool.

I also saw something in there about Super Karate Flying-Monkey Death Machines. I still wish I had one of those.

Scuzzy; no monkey butts here.


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