Date: 13 July 24, 05:31 AM
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 New flooring


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Two weeks ago I decided I'd had enough with the carpeting in my dining room, (12 yrs old) it was discolored, stained  and a very deep pile and generally made sitting at the table uncomfortable for me. 
Short trip to a nice flooring store (not a big box) in town provided a workable solution - laminate.

And while the pictures don't really do it justice the contrast in color between the cherry furniture and the "hickory" colored flooring look really nice.  But even with the laminate I picked which was on sale, it was an expensive option.  After the labor, matching color moldings, water proof under layment, etc., etc. it worked out to be $ 8.50/ft.  Dining room is 9x10......But worth it for me.

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