Date: 25 February 21, 07:54 AM
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You might consider installing PlutoTV on your Roku. It's completely free, and no sign up required. Just install the app and start watching. The programs are similar to live TV, including commercials. Tons of good stuff, mixed in with some garbage. There's well over a hundred channels to choose from, which include conservative news. On-demand is also available, with a massive library to choose from.

Their radio stations are freakin' awesome, with no commercials. I listen to 70s (channel 957), classic rock (channel 972), and sometimes the oldies (60s) on channel 973. I would be willing to pay for the radio alone. I fall off to sleep every night listening to their music.

You can also watch on your PC at if you want to try it out first.


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Thanks, while I am reluctant to add "things" to my TV, I will try it on my computer.
I returned my Roku, it stopped working and Amazon provided a refund after a discussion.
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